grapes-984493_640About a week ago I was reading through John, and some of the verses really stood out to me.

The first verses came from John 8. Jesus is predicting His death and speaking of the Father, and we read the people’s response in verse 30, “As He spoke these words, many believed in Him.”

Keep that in mind. Because those people become His audience for the rest of the chapter. Continue reading















We hurry to and fro, fulfilling the many and varied tasks we have set our minds to. And in our laziness, we forget to stop. We forget to pause to meet with our Savior for times of refreshing and reminders of purpose.

Like a leaf at the start of autumn, we cut ourselves off from Life, closing the portal between ourselves and the energy-providing chlorophyll of the Branch. The summer green ebbs away, and our true colors are revealed – but they warn of the all-too-soon fall to the ground.

But this is not what our Lord desires of us! He wants us to remain in the Vine, so that we may bear fruit. He wants the portal of communication between us and Himself to remain open, that He may continue to give us life – that He may continue to clothe us in His splendid, pure, holiness.

Yet we cut Him off again and again. We close ourselves up, shutting ourselves away in self-absorption – not realizing how deadly this really is.

Open back up again. Spend that time that you need to with your Savior. Allow Him to breathe life back into you, that you may find times of refreshing in the Lord.