1 Samuel 22-23: Strongholds

At this point in 1 Samuel’s narrative, David has fallen into complete disfavor with Saul. He’s living on the run, and nowhere appears to be safe. When he fled to the prophet Samuel, Saul followed him there. So he ran instead to the priests at the tabernacle and received bread and the sword of Goliath, but one of Saul’s servants was lurking about, and David didn’t stick around long. From there he ran to Goliath’s hometown in Gath, and only ran into trouble there.

Chapters 22 and 23 continue to chart his travels (thanks to Generation Word for their sketched maps).






A rough summary of these chapters is as follows: Continue reading


1 Samuel 21: David on the Run

We left off in 1 Samuel 20 with David learning from Jonathan that his relationship with Saul was not going to be restored and his life was in serious danger. After a tearful farewell of his best friend, David fled. Chapter 21 picks up the story by charting the beginning of David’s travels.

The first stop is at the tabernacle, which at the time was in the city of Nob. Continue reading

1 Samuel 19-20: When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Jonathan sends a message to David by shooting an arrow I Samuel 20:35-
1 Samuel 19 and 20 are sad chapters. King Saul makes it known that he is out to kill David. He even tries to enlist his son Jonathan – David’s best friend – to help in his plan, but Jonathan loyally sticks up for his friend. He manages to sway Saul’s mind, but only¬† for a short while. Pretty soon, the spirit of jealousy comes over Saul again, and he tries again to pin David to the wall with his spear.

When David escapes, Saul sends assassins to watch his house and kill him in the morning. But the princess Michal, David’s wife, somehow discovers the plot and helps him to escape. And then Saul gets upset with her, and she has to lie and make it seem like it wasn’t her fault that her husband got away! Continue reading

Prickles or Thorns?

crownofthornsYou know, if you’re like me, you probably have times where a lot of things just get on your nerves. Have you ever had one of those days where, if someone so much as brushes against you, you feel like screaming? I know that sounds awful, but I’ve had those days. I don’t know what it is, but once in a while it just feels like there is something bottled up inside of me that is just waiting for a chance to explode.

Even if you haven’t had quite that experience, I’m sure you have had to deal with annoyances. Maybe you think of your annoyances as your “thorns in the flesh” that always seem to be poking you, prodding you, boring a hole in your patience.

But are they really thorns? Continue reading