1 Samuel 28: How the Mighty Have Fallen

At this point in our narrative, David has found refuge in Philistine territory and managed to keep up such a false face that the king of Goliath’s hometown believes him to be one of his greatest allies! In fact, as King Achish prepares to wage war against Israel, he calls upon David to help and promises to make the outlaw one of his top men in reward for his “loyalty.” And David, in sync with his undercover identity, agrees to come along and fight against his own people.

The scene closes there and shifts to Israelite territory. The narrator quickly reminds us that the beloved prophet Samuel is dead and that Saul has purged the land of “mediums and spiritists.” Then the camera zooms in on Saul himself. Continue reading


1 Samuel 26: History Repeats Itself

David had run into Saul back in Chapter 24, and left off on a semi-good note. David had had the opportunity to revenge himself, but had instead shown mercy to his greatest enemy, and Saul had responded with gratitude and humility.

Now here we are in Chapter 26, and it sounds strangely familiar. Continue reading