Puzzle Pieces

puzzle-654957_640Now that my series on the Beatitudes is over, it seems quite appropriate to share about some of the most recent blessings that God has given me. Yesterday I shared about my experience with appendicitis and the blessings of the Lord’s peace and healing and love.

Today I would like to share another testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness and grace, which may be of encouragement to you.

What I find most interesting about this testimony is how so many seemingly-unrelated events came together in God’s grand design. Puzzle pieces that seemed random and disconnected were found to come together in a beautiful picture only God could have envisioned.

So let me share some of these puzzle pieces with you. The hard part is deciding where to start! Continue reading


Take a Break


Oh, the thrill of new books! As soon as my textbooks come in, I’m opening them up, reading ahead, and taking notes already. “The further ahead in school I am, the better,” I tell myself. I’m one of those weird people who has always loved schoolwork, and I dive into it wholeheartedly. Each day I have my goals for what I want to accomplish, and most of the time, I accomplish those goals and more. And if I find myself bored after I’ve already called it quits for the day, a lot of times I’ll return to my checklist, finding another assignment to work on.

But as I started this semester, I made a decision that I knew might be hard at times. Continue reading