1 Samuel 31: Tragedy – Is That the End?

Here we are in the very last chapter of 1 Samuel. I wish I could say differently, but it’s really not a happy ending.

I’ve read the passage a dozen times before, but after going through 1 Samuel at a slower pace this time around, I must admit the tragedy of this chapter hit me a lot harder than it ever has before. There was a genuine sense of sadness when I finished it.

Read it for yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of Saul, of Jonathan, of David. No matter the perspective, it’s a heartbreaking story: Continue reading


1 Samuel 28: How the Mighty Have Fallen

At this point in our narrative, David has found refuge in Philistine territory and managed to keep up such a false face that the king of Goliath’s hometown believes him to be one of his greatest allies! In fact, as King Achish prepares to wage war against Israel, he calls upon David to help and promises to make the outlaw one of his top men in reward for his “loyalty.” And David, in sync with his undercover identity, agrees to come along and fight against his own people.

The scene closes there and shifts to Israelite territory. The narrator quickly reminds us that the beloved prophet Samuel is dead and that Saul has purged the land of “mediums and spiritists.” Then the camera zooms in on Saul himself. Continue reading

1 Samuel 24: Mercy and Grace

It’s been a while since I last posted. . . So I have to apologize for that. We went on vacation to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, and then it just seems like there’s been a lot of late nights and not as much time to sit down and actually put together a blog post.

With that said, let’s jump back into our 1 Samuel narrative. We left off with Saul and David playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse: with Saul being the cat and David being the mouse. David is forced to flee here and there, running from stronghold to stronghold, wilderness to wilderness, never quite feeling secure from the grasp of the jealous King Saul. At one point Saul and his men were encircling David and his band, and it looked like the cat may have finally caught the mouse. But before that could happen, Saul received news that Israel was under attack, and the king realized he had more important things to worry about. So he hurried back to his job of taking care of the country, and David escaped to the strongholds in En Gedi.

And that is where chapter 24 picks up. Continue reading

1 Samuel 22-23: Strongholds

At this point in 1 Samuel’s narrative, David has fallen into complete disfavor with Saul. He’s living on the run, and nowhere appears to be safe. When he fled to the prophet Samuel, Saul followed him there. So he ran instead to the priests at the tabernacle and received bread and the sword of Goliath, but one of Saul’s servants was lurking about, and David didn’t stick around long. From there he ran to Goliath’s hometown in Gath, and only ran into trouble there.

Chapters 22 and 23 continue to chart his travels (thanks to Generation Word for their sketched maps).






A rough summary of these chapters is as follows: Continue reading