When My Heart is Overwhelmed

August was a stressful month for me.

My mechanic was unable to do an inspection and repair on my vehicle due to unforeseen circumstances, and I had to scramble to find someone else who could squeeze me in before the end of the month on a day that would fit my schedule. They ended up needing my Jeep for two days, partly because my engine light decided to turn on for them. At least I was already planning on working from home the second day anyway.

Every single person at my workplace took a vacation at some point in August (including myself). My boss actually took two trips. Which meant that for a week-and-a-half, as his Lead Developer, I had to field his emails & phone calls, manage & delegate tasks to my coworkers, and try to keep up with my own tasks. Thankfully, there were hardly any phone calls, and no real emergencies to handle. Continue reading


What’s Wrong with Being a Workaholic?

So I was talking with someone last night who identifies as a workaholic. He didn’t see any problem with it, so I was trying to share my own experiences and show him that being a workaholic isn’t exactly a good thing. He asked me to put together my arguments against it and send them to him – so I decided to collect my thoughts into a blog post and send him the link. 🙂 Continue reading

Take a Break


Oh, the thrill of new books! As soon as my textbooks come in, I’m opening them up, reading ahead, and taking notes already. “The further ahead in school I am, the better,” I tell myself. I’m one of those weird people who has always loved schoolwork, and I dive into it wholeheartedly. Each day I have my goals for what I want to accomplish, and most of the time, I accomplish those goals and more. And if I find myself bored after I’ve already called it quits for the day, a lot of times I’ll return to my checklist, finding another assignment to work on.

But as I started this semester, I made a decision that I knew might be hard at times. Continue reading