Out of the Mire

Dear God, save me from my trouble and sin!

For the floodwaters are up to my chin

And I’m quickly sinking in the quicksand,

Unable to find a footing on land.


I feel my strength ebbing away, waning;

My throat is dry and the tears cease raining;

My eyes are dim and I cannot see You;

Yet I wait for You called Faithful and True.


At this time I raise my cry heavenward:

Oh Savior God, let me be delivered!

In Your mercy and truth that ne’er tire,

Hear me and raise me out of the mire!


Do not hide Your face from me anymore

For I confess my deeds – I seek You, Lord.

I’ve no secret sins: You know I’m a fool;

But O God, please: draw near – redeem my soul!


Oh, praise God with a song of thanksgiving:

He’s lifted me up – again I’m living!

Be glad you humble and seekers of God:

I’m out of the mire – out of the bog!

~ Written 2/12/12, slightly edited