Do You Do Right to be Angry?


I was grumpy. Those of you who know me may be surprised by that statement, but believe it or not, I do get grumpy from time to time! Don’t believe me? Ask someone in my family.

So anyway, I was grumpy. As is usually the case, it was over something stupid. My plans had been somewhat changed – hardly changed – but I didn’t like it. I was thinking grumpy thoughts toward my mom, even though it really wasn’t her fault. Honestly, when I think about it, I think I was grumpy because my plans had been sort of taken out of my hands and put in hers instead, and I was resenting the loss of control. Even though the end result was pretty much the same. Silly, right?

Well, as I was grumbling inwardly to myself, these words rose in my mind, “Do you do right to be angry?” Continue reading


Second Chances


It’s an oft-repeated scene. Little Brother is misbehaving. I give him a warning. He continues the behavior. I give another warning. He still continues. The warnings end, the consequences are dealt. “But Lissie!” he protests, “You’re supposed to give me a second chance!”

Somehow he misses the fact that I already gave him one – or several. Somehow he misses the fact that he’s supposed to obey the first time – he shouldn’t need a second chance.

The other day he watched the VeggieTales version of “Jonah,” which is all about second chances, so that’s even more on his mind. Continue reading