Lip Service


Kristen Renfer, fellow blogger and former Bible-Bee’er, has been doing a study on Hosea over the past several weeks, and I found her post from August 2nd particularly thought-provoking.

Some quick excerpts:

In Hosea’s day, the people were quick to voice confessions and utter the correct words, but their hearts and lives did not line up with what they said.

. . . But God saw right through their pretenses and knew that in truth, they were insincere in their devotion to Him.

. . .No, we are not free from this struggle. Now, more than ever, it is easy to fall into the snare of lip service.

I encourage you to check out her full post here!


1 Samuel 27: From Robin Hood to Double Agent


We left off in 1 Samuel 26 with Saul meeting up with David one last time. David had a second opportunity to take Saul’s life, and instead chose to show mercy. The two parted ways once more without harm occurring to either one.

In spite of how the two had left off, David did not feel at ease. He did not trust that Saul would keep his pledge to harm him no more.

So what should he do? Continue reading

Praying Mantids

Praying mantids. Masters of deception. Wolves in sheep’s clothing – that’s what I would call them.

They’re sitting there all innocently, hands folded as if in prayer and devotion – and the whole time they’re just waiting for some poor creature to walk by, and then those hands will snap out of their prayer guise and snatch the poor creature for lunch. Continue reading