Wait Continually

Another excellent blog post from soifixmyeyes.com – especially for those of us who are waiting on the Lord to fulfill our dreams (whether it’s finding a spouse, or a job, or healing, or whatever), and maybe getting a little impatient in the meantime:


​No one likes to wait.  Our culture and society is driven by instant gratification.  We have the internet, instant messaging, on demand TV, fast food, online shopping, and the list goes on.  Almost everything we could ever want or need is at the tip of our fingers, just a click away.  But God’s kingdom doesn’t work that way.  He doesn’t operate on our timetable or expectations.  In fact, He often asks us to wait.

Wait.  Oh how we hate that word!  We’d rather have God’s blessings now.  We’d rather see God at work now.  We’d rather do anything now.  Waiting is probably one of the most difficult things for us to do.  Why?  Because it requires inaction and trust.  Two attributes that we, as sinful humans, struggle with.  Just look at various characters of the Bible.  For instance, Sarah got tired of waiting and decided to “help” God out.  How did that turn out?  Not so great…we can thank her for all the problems the world is facing in the Middle East right now.

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Lip Service


Kristen Renfer, fellow blogger and former Bible-Bee’er, has been doing a study on Hosea over the past several weeks, and I found her post from August 2nd particularly thought-provoking.

Some quick excerpts:

In Hosea’s day, the people were quick to voice confessions and utter the correct words, but their hearts and lives did not line up with what they said.

. . . But God saw right through their pretenses and knew that in truth, they were insincere in their devotion to Him.

. . .No, we are not free from this struggle. Now, more than ever, it is easy to fall into the snare of lip service.

I encourage you to check out her full post here!