Living Sacrifice

I was reading in Leviticus the night before last, about all the different sacrifices. How many there were! Sin offerings and peace offerings, trespass offerings and grain offerings. Some required a lamb, others a goat or a bull, or a pair of turtledoves, or even some grain!

But one thing they all had in common was the requirement of perfection. A lamb without blemish. Grain without defect. All pointing to the most perfect Sacrifice of all: Jesus Christ.

But as I was reading, God brought to my mind a different connection, one that I had never considered before. Continue reading


A Color Wheel


A few weeks ago, my dad used this illustration of a color wheel to teach us some truths about following God. While the illustration was mainly directed toward my youngest brother, for his understanding, I really liked the parallels that my dad was able to draw, and with his permission, I decided to post his message here.

This color wheel illustrates the fact that all colors come together to become white. In the world of light (not in the world of pigments), all the colors of the rainbow unite together to become white light. We know this because when we use a prism to divide light into its separate parts, we see rainbows. Continue reading