God Is Love


All this week my siblings and I have been at VBS. My church goes about this a little differently than most: instead of doing it in their own building for congregants’ kids, they go into the community, holding VBS at three different locations during three different weeks, and inviting kids from the local after-school Bible Clubs, as well as from church. In this way, the focus is more on outreach than on just having a fun “daycare” for kids who already go to church – something I really appreciate. Continue reading


A Loving God and Hell? – The Wrong Question

“How could a loving God send anyone to Hell?”

“How can you believe in such a God?”


In my philosophy class, I was told that this is a difficult question to answer, because it is tied up with the “problem of evil.” I personally never had a problem with it, having grown up knowing the truth.

But for some, it is a hard question. Someone in my family was asked a similar question just recently. For an unbeliever asking this question, God must seem unduly cruel.

But here is what I say:

You’re asking the wrong question. Continue reading