How Do I Follow Jesus?

The same person who had asked me to answer the question “Who Is Jesus?” had also asked this question, “How Do I Follow Him?”

As I mulled over that simple yet foundational question, I wrote down a series of verses that provided an answer: Continue reading


1 Samuel 31: Tragedy – Is That the End?

Here we are in the very last chapter of 1 Samuel. I wish I could say differently, but it’s really not a happy ending.

I’ve read the passage a dozen times before, but after going through 1 Samuel at a slower pace this time around, I must admit the tragedy of this chapter hit me a lot harder than it ever has before. There was a genuine sense of sadness when I finished it.

Read it for yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of Saul, of Jonathan, of David. No matter the perspective, it’s a heartbreaking story: Continue reading

Living Sacrifice

I was reading in Leviticus the night before last, about all the different sacrifices. How many there were! Sin offerings and peace offerings, trespass offerings and grain offerings. Some required a lamb, others a goat or a bull, or a pair of turtledoves, or even some grain!

But one thing they all had in common was the requirement of perfection. A lamb without blemish. Grain without defect. All pointing to the most perfect Sacrifice of all: Jesus Christ.

But as I was reading, God brought to my mind a different connection, one that I had never considered before. Continue reading