Christmas Hope

It was a dreary Tuesday: gray, cloudy sky and drizzling rain. Perhaps the earth was shedding tears in anticipation of what was to come.

That night, the father of a dear friend went home to be with the Lord. Suddenly, without warning, my friend and her five younger siblings found themselves without a dad.

It was a tragic blow, not only for her and her family, but for us her friends, as we contemplated the brevity and fragility of life. Continue reading


Jesus Vs Santa


Take Note: We never celebrated Santa in my house. The below post reflects that. So please do not take offense if you celebrate him. And don’t show it to your kids.

In my house, I know Christmas is approaching when my mom starts playing her Bing Crosby Christmas CD. But early this month, she had not played it yet, and I was missing it. So I popped it in myself. As I was listening to the songs for the first time this season, a thought struck me as “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” was playing. Continue reading

I’ll Scratch Your Back Anyway

nativityAs Christmas morning approaches, I find myself thinking more and more about  how Jesus left everything to come to earth, and how I should do all I can to follow His example of serving others.

Well, that is what I should be thinking.

Instead, I’ve found myself struggling with grouchy, self-pitying attitudes. Just this morning I was complaining to myself, “I’m always doing stuff for everyone else, but when I ask them to do something for me, they don’t want to do it.” (Which isn’t 100% true – that’s just how it seemed to me at the time). Continue reading