Bible Studies

1 Samuel

When I took the time to read through 1 Samuel slowly, only a chapter or two at a time, I was surprised at how much I gleaned from the book! I found myself amazed at Hannah’s selfless request, relating closely to Saul’s struggles, gaining encouragement from David’s trust, and so much more. I hope that you can be inspired to dig deeper in your own study of the Word so that you can uncover the truths that God wants to speak into your own heart.

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The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes comprise one of the most famous passages in the Bible. But at least for me, they’ve also been some of the most confusing verses. While we appreciate their poetic quality and enjoy the rhythmic repetition of “Blessed are ______,” do we really understand what they mean?

I decided to take some time to examine these verses more closely, and I found my study quite interesting – I hope you do, too.

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The Kingdom of Heaven

When Jesus was here, what did He preach? When He spoke of a Kingdom of Heaven, what did He mean?

In an effort to answer these questions, I will be doing a series of blog posts on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as recorded in Matthew. The goal is to focus on what Jesus actually did and said. Because if we’re Christians (Christ-followers), then we need to know how to follow Christ: what that means, and what that looks like.

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