Is Genesis History?

isgenesishistoryWhen a ten-year-old girl came to her dad with questions about Genesis and science, her dad suddenly realized he didn’t know how to explain what he believed. But he was determined to give her the answers she was looking for. So he set about to create a film that would not only answer her questions, but the questions that many like her have asked and still do ask.1

That film became “Is Genesis History?”

I went to see this on February 23rd when it came out. The one-time showing was packed with viewers; in fact, many theaters sold out of tickets for it. “Is Genesis History?” was the most-viewed film for that day.

So yes, I am briefly interrupting my study on 1 Samuel to post about this movie and encourage you all to go see it. There are going to be two encore showings on Thursday, March 2, and Tuesday, March 7. Whether you are a firm believer in the authenticity of Genesis, or whether you have some questions, skepticism, or disagreements – go check it out.

The movie is basically a series of interviews with people from a variety of backgrounds. Many (if not all) hold PhDs in their specific fields. The topic of “Is Genesis History?” is approached from the variety of their different perspectives, exploring the topic from the perspective of hermeneutics and several major branches of science: geology, astronomy, biology, paleontology, archaeology, etc. Each interviewee is able to provide compelling evidence for the trustworthiness of the Genesis account.

Obviously they can only touch the tip of the iceberg as they talk from each of these perspectives, so stick around after the film is over to hear the post-production interview, which mentions some resources you can go to for further information.

See for an overview of the film and details on theaters and tickets.

Note: if you do decide to go, I recommend you purchase your tickets ahead of time. They may sell out fast!




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