A Prayer of Confession

Holy, righteous LORD,

You are the King of kings, the Lord of lords, our great High Priest, our perfect Lamb. You did no sin, committed no crime, and yet suffered as if You had. When You were reviled, You did not revile in return. When You were struck, You did not strike back – but You turned the other cheek and offered Yourself up for further blows – though it was in Your power and Your rights to obliterate Your enemies. You, Who had every right to be angry at the perpetrators of injustice toward Yourself, remained silent. You, Who had every reason to defend Yourself as innocent, breathed not a word. You, Who had every cause to lift Yourself up in pride, chose to live – and die – in the utmost humility. You, Who are worthy of the entire earth’s servitude, came instead as a Servant to all – and invited us to serve with You.

And how we have failed, LORD.

How I have failed!

When I am disrespected (or perceive that I am), I am angry. When I don’t get what I want, I am upset. I feel entitled to so many things: time, space, possessions, praise, respect. I strike those who strike me. I anger those who anger me. In my pride I defend myself even when I’m in the wrong (or when being right isn’t even important).

So much pride. So much selfishness. They’re so deeply rooted in me, God. I can pluck the blossoms, trample the fruit, cut down the plant, and try to keep these sins hidden – but the root is still there, still sending shoots to the surface and revealing themselves.

My hands are dirty – how can I lift them to You? My heart is full of rubble – how can I invite You in?

But praise the Lord for His unfailing faithfulness – You are already here, already in me: standing amidst the rubble. And You’re already offering to clean up the mess.

So here I am, Lord. I’m lifting my dirty hands. I’m opening the doors of my cluttered heart. And I’m asking for Your cleansing. Drench me in forgiveness, soak me with mercy. Fill me to overflowing with Your Love – fill me with Yourself, for You are Love.

For if I am filled with You, there’s no room for anything not of You. And if I am overflowing with You, then You will spill over into the lives of those around me.


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