I’m Voting For…..

statue-of-liberty-359341_640I remember when the voting guide arrived in the mail several months ago. I remember looking over the candidates and their implied or explicit responses to the key questions of interest. And I remember that, as I looked at Donald Trump’s responses, I remarked to my dad, “Donald Trump seems more like a Democrat than a Republican.” If he was a Republican, he was a very wishy-washy one.

So when the time came for the Pennsylvania primaries, my vote was certainly not cast for Trump.

But shortly afterward, he was the only Republican left.

Now what was I to do?

The race was down to Clinton versus Trump. A hard-core Democrat versus a wishy-washy Republican.

I did not consider Clinton an option – she stands for just about everything I stand against, and vice versa. She supports the homosexual movement, the controversial Common Core standards, and Planned Parenthood,  to name a few things. Not to mention there was the controversy surrounding her and Benghazi, and now the controversy surrounding confidential emails sent from her private email.

And Trump – how could I vote for him? Just from a moral standpoint, he doesn’t seem like a great option. The guy is always putting his foot in his mouth, saying things that shouldn’t be said. He’s been married three times; he’s switched his political affiliations at least five times; he’s owned several casinos; he contradicts himself constantly; he has openly stated he doesn’t ask God for forgiveness – even though supposedly he’s a Christian. And the list could go on.

My parents were ready to throw in the towel and not vote at all. But I wasn’t so sure. This is the first presidential election I will be voting in – and I don’t want to look back on it with regret.

Comparing the two candidates, I felt that Clinton was the worst. So I’d rather have Trump as our president than Clinton. But is choosing the lesser of two evils still an evil? Then again, if I chose not to vote, I’d be indirectly casting a vote for the greater of the evils.

I ended up deciding to vote for Trump. And here’s why:

With the death of  Antonin Scalia earlier this year, the Supreme Court lost one of its staunchest conservatives. That leaves on the court 4 liberals, 3 conservatives, and 1 flip-flopper. And with some of the other justices fighting disease and old age, we could very well lose even more in the next several years. The next president is the one who will appoint the new justices – and these judges rule for life. Hillary Clinton will pick as liberal a judge as she can find to replace Scalia; Trump has put together a list of solid conservative candidates.

If we want to ever win another religious liberty or pro-life case, or any sort of conservative cause you can think of – we won’t stand a chance with Hillary’s Court. Unless one of the liberal judges would go against the tide, every case will be lost 4-5 at best. And that will likely be the situation for the next few decades, until a new generation of justices rises up.

So basically, the next president could be deciding the direction of America for the next twenty or more years.

If I choose not to vote, or if I vote for a third-party, I’m in one sense indirectly voting for Hillary. I’m voting for her Court. And that is most definitely not what I want.

So that’s why I decided to cast my vote for Trump.

To me, this isn’t a vote between Clinton and Trump. This is more a vote between what the Republican stands for and what the Democrat stands for. A vote between conservative and liberal. Between freedom and a loss of freedom.

I’m not voting for Trump because I like him. I’m voting for him because, by extension, I feel it is a vote for liberty, a vote for life, a vote for what I hold important.

If someone like Baronnelle Stutzman ends up going before the Supreme Court in a religious-liberty case, what kind of Court will she face? One that will be respectful of her convictions, or one that will set out to ruin her?

I can’t simply stand by and watch this nation continue down the slippery slope it is. Perhaps my vote alone won’t do much – or anything at all. But join your vote with mine. And the vote for liberty will count for that much more.

Here are some links and quotes from some key articles I’ve read on the topic – I highly encourage you to check them out in full (they’re all excellent):

Theologian Wayne Grudem: Why Voting for Trump is a Morally Good Choice

…if someone makes character the only factor to consider, that is a fallacy in ethical reasoning that I call “reductionism” – the mistake of reducing every argument to only one factor, when the situation requires that multiple factors be considered. In this election, an even larger factor is the future of the nation that would flow from a Clinton or a Trump presidency.

But the most likely result of not voting for Trump is that you will be abandoning thousands of unborn babies who will be put to death under Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court, thousands of Christians who will be excluded from their lifelong occupations such as having just, thousands of the poor who will never again be able to find high-paying jobs in an economy crushed by government hostility toward business, thousands of inner-city children who will never be able to get a good education, thousands of the sick and elderly who will never get adequate medical treatment when the government is the nation’s only healthcare provider, thousands of people who will be killed by an unchecked ISIS, and millions of Jews in Israel who will find themselves alone and surrounded by hostile enemies. And you will be contributing to a permanent loss of the American system of government due to a final victory of unaccountable judicial tyranny.

When I look at it this way, my conscience, and my considered moral judgment, tell me that I must vote for Donald Trump as the candidate who is most likely to do the most good for the United States of America.

The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime by Franklin Graham

Will they [the candidates you vote for] do everything they can to protect the life of the unborn child? Will they fight for the religious freedom that is guaranteed under the Constitution? Will they fully support the rights of men and women of faith to act in accordance with their sincerely held religious beliefs?

Will they defend our nation against Islamic terrorists who have slaughtered and killed innocents across our country in the name of their god? Will they call the enemy—radical Islam—by its name? Will they work to strengthen our military so the United States of America can continue to be the dependable guardian of the free world?

Will they defend the Biblical sanctity of marriage as between one man and one woman, and do all they can to protect the family unit? Will they continue to lead us down the road of irresponsible socialism, where the Biblical injunction for hard, honest work is ignored? Or will we embrace a resurgence of vigorous entrepreneurship and industry that has been a hallmark of our nation since its founding?

Will they appoint judges to the Supreme Court and federal courts who respect and uphold the safeguards of the U.S. Constitution? Judges who refuse to interpret the law based on decadent ideology and liberal political agendas that are directly opposed to the fundamental tenets of religious freedom?

It’s also crucial for us to examine the positions of candidates who are running for office on the state and local level. Check their stance on pivotal moral issues, and vote for those who best reflect Biblical values.

Two Visions, Two Americas by Jerry Pierce

The next president will be either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump, and he or she will nominate those vital Supreme Court justices. Those judges will serve decades and make their judicial decisions felt for generations. In an age in which the Supreme Court and the federal bench have trended toward an activist, lawmaking role instead of their intended task—to act as umpires of the Constitution—the stakes for religious freedom and limited government are monumental.

In fact, says Tony Perkins, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council, the very survival of our democratic republic may hinge on the fundamental beliefs of the next chief executive.

Veteran conservative columnist Cal Thomas, not one to put significant hope in political efforts to right the culture, says the next election will set the tone for the Supreme Court “for 30 or 40 years” and could lead to “the possible disintegration of this country.”

A Supreme Decision by Cathy Ruse

Consider the impact of even one change. If one more justice had voted with Thomas in recent years, gay marriage would not have been imposed on the nation (Obergefell v. Hodges) and Obamacare would be a distant memory (NFIB v. Sebelius).

And if one more leftist “problem solver” had been on the bench, many more Christian business owners would be paying crippling fines (or closing) in order to follow their religious beliefs (Burwell v. Hobby Lobby), babies would be dying by partial-birth abortion (Gonzales v. Carhart), and the Boy Scouts would be forced to hire gay activist scout leaders (Boy Scouts of America v. Dale)—a policy they later adopted voluntarily.

During Barack Obama’s presidency alone, over 50 Supreme Court cases were decided by a 5-4 margin. Latin scholar Jeff Kantor argues that Americans have gotten so used to a closely divided Supreme Court, where wins and losses seem to be handed out to each political faction in rough parity, that we really can’t imagine what an unrestrained, revolution-minded court might do.

Fifty years is a long time to cast your memory back to the dramatic liberal activism of the Warren Court, or even the Roe court a decade later, both of which made decisions that involved vast social changes.

Religious Liberty in Grave Peril by Bob Paulson

…“We cannot sit silent. It could be me today, but it’s going to be you tomorrow.

We need to stand up and fight now.”

A Life or Death Decision by Charmaine Yoest

The power of the president is precisely what is at stake in this election. Congress cannot pass pro-life legislation with a president who will veto their action.

As the trial balloons and interviews for vice presidential nominations were underway in the summer, every name mentioned to partner with Clinton was devoutly pro-abortion. Every name under consideration by Trump had solid pro-life credentials.

Again, after eight years of the most pro-abortion president in American history, our choices seem abundantly clear: a continuation of a radical, pro-abortion agenda advancing its legality through nine months of pregnancy, or a course correction toward the sanctity of innocent human life. May voters choose prayerfully and wisely.

What Can I Do About the Upcoming Election? by Mike Miller

Many Christian voters say they are not happy with our options for the November elections and are uncertain what to do. It is important that we do not let our dissatisfaction with one race cause us to ignore other races. What can one person do? One person can do a lot if they are in a position of authority.

Who should we support? For federal elections there are Christian voter guides available to help us. AFAaction.net, FRCaction.org, and ChristianVoterGuide.com, provide helpful resources.

Pennsylvania Voter’s Guide – Donald Trump

Pennsylvania Voter’s Guide – Hillary Clinton

After hearing these arguments, I was convinced that my vote needed to go to Trump. My parents were also swayed, although my mom has said it’s still going to be hard for her to push the button for Trump!

If you started off thinking you weren’t going to vote at all, or that you were going to vote for a third-party candidate, I hope this has at least given you something to think about. If you still end up holding to your original opinions, I can certainly respect that; and I would hope that you would show respect toward my decision as well.

Just remember that no matter what you decide to do, you should make your decision prayerfully, wisely, and in consideration of all factors. And also remember that the presidential election is not the only election under consideration this year. In my home state of Pennsylvania we’re also voting for a Senator, State Representative, Attorney General, Treasurer, and Auditor General. So even if you don’t want to bother with the presidential race, you should at least get out there and vote in the other races.

 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

James 1:5, NKJV

P. S. By the way, someone asked me recently if she was allowed to share my posts with others. By all means, do so! There are various share buttons located below to make it easy for you. 🙂




9 thoughts on “I’m Voting For…..

  1. I could not have said it better myself. Jason and I were just saying goes the same thing 2 nights ago. We are voting based on the the open Supreme Court seat/ seats that are available. Our president will only be in office for 4 or 8 years however as you stated the next 30 or so years it up for grabs.


    • I initially voted for Cruz in the primaries; I’ve heard that Cruz always starts his day on his knees in prayer – what a stark contrast with Donald Trump! It was certainly a disappointment that he didn’t get the support that Trump did.

      I’ve heard people say that any of the other Republican candidates would have been better than Trump, but that’s whom we’ve got. So I’ll cast my vote, and pray to God that somehow things work out. I do believe that He is ultimately the One in control of the nations’ leaders, and that does give me a measure of peace.


  2. This will be your first Presidential election and a life changer, either way. So proud of you for thinking through the issues on your own and taking it so seriously. Much, much more than i did at your age……you know this has been a journey for us, seeking the Lord for direction and wisdom and voting for the platform rather then the person. May God grant us the mercy and grace we seek, as HE alone is the ONE who can save and make this nation great again, and if not, then the LORD is our strength and strong tower no matter what! Love you so much!


  3. I feel the same exact way. Put simply, she has stated she is for killing the unborn right up to their due date. He is flawed, but he is for life. He is also for freedom in other extremely important areas to me as a Christian. I had zero to do with your upbringing, but I can’t find words to say other than I’m proud of you for writing this. 🙂


  4. Great job Alisa. These are my thoughs exactly but I couldn’t have said it as beautifully as you did. I do try to convince others of these important issues before the election. It is truly such an important election for the future of our country. Very proud of you.


  5. Sharon, I was a supporter of Ted Cruz in the North Carolina primary. I voted for Donald Trump in the general election. Admittedly, I was inclined to prefer Rick Santorum or Ted Cruz over Donald Trump, but the fact is that Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite when she claims to champion women’s rights and the rights of the LGBTQ community, despite the fact that she takes money from countries that oppress women and kill gays and lesbians.


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