Just Say Sorry








Have you ever wondered if things might have turned out differently had Adam and Eve been honest? If, when God had asked, “Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat?,” Adam had simply replied, “Yes, I did eat from it. I shouldn’t have – I should have obeyed You. I’m so sorry, LORD – so sorry!”

I have wondered sometimes if the consequences might have been changed somewhat. But I suppose there isn’t much point in conjecture. We know what happened. Adam did not accept responsibility for his wrong actions, and instead passed the blame to his wife. Eve, in turn, passed the blame to Satan. “The devil made me do it!” has been around for quite a while!

And so that once-perfect world was cursed. Death came. Sin was passed on through the generations. And so was the “blame-game.”

Even today, when we are accused of wrong-doing, we want to justify ourselves. We try to pass the blame to others, or our circumstances, or even to the one who is scolding us. Adam did that: “The woman whom You gave to be with me” – as though it was God’s fault what Eve did. We make excuses of all kinds, trying to justify ourselves, when in reality we’re just digging a deeper hole.

Next time you are scolded for something or accused of something, and rightfully so, don’t bother with the excuses. Just say sorry. Accept responsibility for what you did. It’s a lot more honest, and it’s simpler.

I think about when I’m at work and make a mistake. I don’t make excuses to make myself look better. Sometimes it’s not even my mistake. But I don’t sit there and place the blame on someone else. I simply apologize, and do what I can to make things right.

The same should apply in our everyday lives. No excuses. No blame-games. Just a simple, heartfelt, “I’m sorry.”


One thought on “Just Say Sorry

  1. Right on Alisa. Imagine how wonderful it would be if everyone did just that. I try to address things right away too, although sometimes I have a hard time coming to that point right away, especially if what happened hurts me in some way and my defenses are up at firsL Eventually though, I do say “I’m sorry”.
    Love you….


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