If I as a Christian

candle-197248_640If I as a Christian am like a light,

Then what am I like? Do I shine quite bright?

Am I just a dim candle burning low,

Or a great fire with far-reaching glow?


niagara-218591_640If I as a Christian am like water,

How so? Do I leave people thirstier?

Am I just a trickle, drip, drip, dripping?

Or a great waterfall, roaring, rushing?


bombed-932108_640If I as a Christian am like a temple,

Then what am I like? With what am I full?

Am I worn down, defaced, full of rubble?

Or holy, inviting to the Gospel?


mount-everest-413_640If I as a Christian am like a rock,

Then what am I like? How would I be shown?

As a pebble easily ground to bits,

Or a strong pillar on whom others sit?


stranded-918933_640If I as a Christian am like a ship,

How so? How do I fare on my life trip?

Do I founder, run aground, sink in fear?

Or stay afloat and rescue others near?


plant-786689_640If I as a Christian am like a seed,

What am I like? Do I grow like a weed?

Am I drooping sadly to the ground?

Or growing strong with children that abound?


steeple-812885_640What am I like? That’s what I want to know.

I am a Christian, and I want that to show.

I want others to be able to tell,

I want to represent my Savior well.



Last Thursday the young adult pastor asked how we show that we are a Christian, making an analogy similar to the one in my second stanza. Are we like Niagara falls, where everyone around us can feel our impact and know that we are different? It got me thinking, I was inspired to write this poem.


7 thoughts on “If I as a Christian

  1. I love that Alisa! You are so inspiring…by the Holy spirit and ARE a CHRISTIAN…a true disciple…a light and a joy. Love you! Share that with the pastor…he will be encouraged by it.


  2. Alisa, I just love your poem. You are certainly like “Niagara Falls”. Love you, love you and yes you do inspire people. You certainly inspire me….


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