Given From Heaven


I was sixteen, and I wanted a job.

At the top of my potential jobs list was Chick-fil-A. It’s a Christian-based company, it’s off on Sundays, it’s a really great place, and I thought I would really enjoy it.

So I started filling out an application.

But then another opportunity opened up. A few months before, Child Evangelism Fellowship had been looking for young people to join their team as summer missionaries. By the time I got around to considering it, I found out the deadline had passed. But now, unexpectedly, they had decided to extend the deadline.

So now I found myself torn. Should I apply to Chick-fil-A? Or apply to work as a summer missionary with CEF?

Now, around that time I was also working on memorizing the book of John, thanks to inspiration from my Bible Bee days. And as I prayed about my decision, I kept thinking of John 12:26, “If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also…” And since at the time I was under the impression I wouldn’t be paid as a CEF missionary, my debate was over whether I should earn some money or do some volunteer work.

Also leading up to that time, I had begun to desire a ministry I could participate in. Everything I had thought of didn’t end up working out for some reason or another. Now here was an opportunity reaching out to me.

In the end, I kept thinking of John 12:26. Where would Jesus be? Surely He would be with Child Evangelism Fellowship. And so that’s what I decided to do.

As I result, I was blessed with the opportunity to share the Gospel with many different children. I grew in so many ways: spiritually, mentally. And I got paid more than twice the amount I would have made at Chick-fil-A, which was a nice bonus, too!

And it opened up doors for future opportunities. I found out our new church used CEF curriculum for outreach ministry. So I got involved with Calvary’s after-school Bible Club program, leading to my getting to know more people at this new church, leading to a feeling of belonging. From there I went on to help start a brand new after-school Club at another school, and watched God work there in the kids’ lives. I mentioned that club in a previous post.

About six months after I finished my time as a summer missionary, I decided to try to get a job again. With college taking up so much of my time, I knew I couldn’t commit to CEF again, but I could probably handle a small part-time job.

Once again, Chick-fil-A was at the top of my list. I applied twice, and didn’t get anywhere. I tried other places. Still nothing.

So I focused on school for the summer.

Last fall I was getting ready to enter Liberty University as a senior when I started my job search again. I found out that Chick-fil-A had created an online application. So I decided to give it one more go, leaving the result in God’s hands.

And this time, I got the job! I was so thrilled! It was just as wonderful as I had anticipated!

Except I wasn’t getting quite as many hours as I had wanted. In frustration, but with great hesitancy, I started applying for other jobs in January. After so many times of not getting positive results, I really didn’t expect anything to happen.

But within a week or two, I got a call from Staples and was hired for their Copy & Print Center. It was another position that had been near the top of my list.

So followed three-and-a-half months of holding down both jobs and juggling school as well. My paychecks were steady, my hours more predictable. But Staples totally stressed me out. They were understaffed, and I felt I was in charge of way too much by myself. It seemed impossible to keep everyone happy.

As I would drive to work, I would muse on the fact that my two workplaces were on opposite sides of the same road – like two different worlds.

So eventually I quit Staples. Chick-fil-A started giving me the hours I wanted, and the more I work there and the more I learn to do, the more I enjoy it. Part of me wishes I could stay there forever, but I know that’s not practical.

In May I will be graduating, at the age of 19, with my bachelor’s degree in Business Management Information Systems. Before then, I hope to find an internship of some sort, and then a job in my field. My desire is to work in a Christian environment, whether in an actual organization or on my own. Maybe with Compassion International. Or Chick-fil-A’s corporate headquarters. Or something smaller.

As I look back over my past job-search journey and see how the different pieces all fit together, I know God is in control.

He fulfilled my long-held desire to be involved in ministry by bringing me to CEF, and through it helped me to become a part of my new church family.

He gave me the desire of my heart by finally opening a door for me at Chick-fil-A.

He showed me what a blessing I had in that job, by allowing me to experience another job completely unlike it.

And when the time is right, I feel confident that He will open up new doors for me.

Another verse I memorized in John that has stood out to me is John 3:27, “…A man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from heaven.”

When the time is right, God will give me a job. And I will know that it is a gift from Him.

I would appreciate your prayers for this stage of my life – that He will open doors for me, and I will recognize those doors as the pathway He has chosen for me.



3 thoughts on “Given From Heaven

  1. Thanks for sharing, Alisa! I really enjoyed reading your post! I will pray that God gives you wisdom as to what to do next once you graduate. Maybe you can come to the School of Discipleship, Gospel for Asia could use someone with your degree. đŸ˜‰


  2. You are so blessed to be looking to the Lord for His guidance for each step of the way. To recognize the good and bad, according to His view. So many are not so blessed, including myself at your age. I just followed my own dreams and didn’t even consider the Lord’s plan for my life, until I became born again. I love you so much and will be praying for you as well.


  3. Alisa, I pray for you all the time, but I will especially pray for you to know the Lord’s guidance for your future. When you are doing his will for you in your life, all good things will come to you. You are so blessed to have so much wisdom at your age and I am truly blessed to have you as my granddaughter.


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