Take a Break


Oh, the thrill of new books! As soon as my textbooks come in, I’m opening them up, reading ahead, and taking notes already. “The further ahead in school I am, the better,” I tell myself. I’m one of those weird people who has always loved schoolwork, and I dive into it wholeheartedly. Each day I have my goals for what I want to accomplish, and most of the time, I accomplish those goals and more. And if I find myself bored after I’ve already called it quits for the day, a lot of times I’ll return to my checklist, finding another assignment to work on.

But as I started this semester, I made a decision that I knew might be hard at times. I am going to take off from school for the weekend – for Sundays at the very least. Why?

Well, it goes back to my last semester. At that time, I was holding down two jobs and taking 18 credits (9 per subterm). And it was really wearing on me. I was always stressed out, wondering if I would be able to complete my assignments on time.

And then one day, in the middle of all the stress, I felt like God told me, “You need a break.” I was challenged – literally – to take that Sunday off.

It really was a challenge. What if I fell behind as a result? But no – if God was asking me to do this, then surely He would help me to not fall behind. And He did help. Not a single assignment was submitted late.

We just aren’t meant to go, go, go. If our tireless Creator took a Sabbath’s day rest, maybe we should, too. Maybe we should take a day to unwind, relax, and spend quality time with the Lord and our family and friends.

Whatever it is that is taking up the majority of your time, try to take a break from it. If you find it very difficult to give it up for even just one day, maybe you’ve made it into an idol.

It’s funny. At church I’ve heard it so many times, that any time you have something more important than God, it’s an idol. I just never really thought I had one. But then it occurred to me recently that maybe I’ve made schoolwork an idol! I love it so much, I hate to give up even one day to not work on it.

And that’s why I need to.

What do you have a hard time taking a break from?




2 thoughts on “Take a Break

  1. It’s so funny Alisa, but I don’t have any problem taking a break from any of my chores. Maybe it’s because being so much older than you, I have learned that it is so important to do so. I like to read, so many times I just sit down in the middle of my chores and do some reading, or take the time to catch up by phone with one of my friends. In any event, if you are like me, when you get older, you won’t have to think about taking a break, you’ll automatically just do it.


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