This morning was one of those mornings when as soon as I wake up, God has my attention. Before I had made it from my bed to the doorway, there was a prayer forming almost subconsciously on my lips, “Help me be pure; help me be true; help me live the way You want me to. Help me speak life; help me speak love; help me to be gentle as a little dove.”

And then in the shower, this poem was birthed, and I chose to share it with you.


I awake, and my mind begins to say,

“It’s time to plan what you will do today!”

A few minutes, and it’s all figured out:

Wake to sleep, I know what I’ll be about.

There’s projects to start and tasks to complete,

Chores to be done and a diet to eat.

There’s emails to write and errands to run,

Dinner to be prepped and work to be done.

But then I hear a quiet voice arise,

“This day is a gift from the Lord!” it cries.

And then I remember God has plans, too –

A purpose every day for me and you.

Though my plans are good, His are better still –

So be on the lookout to do His will:

Whether it is simply a kind word here,

Or whether it is a sincere smile there,

Or giving up time to spend with the Lord,

Or devoting the whole day to His Word.

Whether deeds or words or time spent with God,

The Lord’s already marked the path to trod.

So keep your eyes open throughout the day,

So that on His perfect path you can stay.


3 thoughts on “Plans

  1. I don’t know how you do it Alisa, but you are truly blessed. The poem is great and I’m amazed it was put together in your head in the shower. Love, Grandpa


  2. I just love it, love it. It’s always a challenge to remind me that I need to follow his will and not all my plans for the day.
    Love you lots,


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