A Loving God and Hell? – The Wrong Question

“How could a loving God send anyone to Hell?”

“How can you believe in such a God?”


In my philosophy class, I was told that this is a difficult question to answer, because it is tied up with the “problem of evil.” I personally never had a problem with it, having grown up knowing the truth.

But for some, it is a hard question. Someone in my family was asked a similar question just recently. For an unbeliever asking this question, God must seem unduly cruel.

But here is what I say:

You’re asking the wrong question.

Because what I believe in is a loving God who saves people from Hell. And if you don’t want to be saved, you’re sending yourself to Hell.

So how could an intelligent person like you pass up the gift of salvation?

See? You have to ask the right questions.

Because I believe in a forgiving God who extends His forgiveness to all. But while His love is unconditional, His forgiveness hinges on the condition of repentance. If you are to be forgiven, you must first recognize your need to be, and be willing to be transformed from the inside out. Willing to give up your old habits of sin. Willing to give up everything for Him.

But if you can’t admit your need for forgiveness, you won’t be forgiven. And our just God of love will weep to see you refuse eternal life.

So how could a sinner like you not see your need for forgiveness?

See? You have to ask the right questions.

Truth is truth, whether you believe it or not. The hard facts of reality are still reality, whether you like it or not. And if truth involves eternity, in Heaven or Hell, then why won’t you prepare yourself for it?

Ask yourself the right questions.

Why should a just God who sees all of your sin and hate and rebellion, even consider forgiving you?

Why should a holy, righteous God who demands perfection, even allow your sins to be overlooked so you can be saved?

And why won’t you recognize your need and accept the gift of salvation that He offers you in love and grace and mercy?

Ask the right questions.



3 thoughts on “A Loving God and Hell? – The Wrong Question

  1. It’s true- the world asks the wrong questions and they reject the Lord daily…UNTIL…the end, then they believe in heaven and God and that they are going there…very sad! God made THE way, but they want another of their own creating…


  2. Just fantastic and soooooo true. I have had this same conversation with many people over the years. They seem to think God will forgive you, even if you don’t repent. I try many times to explain this to people and just pray they get it.


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